Celebrate the “National Love Your Teeth Day”


September 20th 2013 is China’s National Dental Care Day. On September 16th, KidStrong held a competition to determine “Who Has the Healthiest Teeth” at Changlin Migrant School in Pudong District.

2013 美牙达人 20130920-1

The first 20 fourth graders selected for the finals demonstrated how to brush your teeth. Judges evaluated each students’ demonstration. After this, the candidates wrote and delivered speeches about “How to Maintain Healthy Teeth”, which was followed by a series of follow-up questions. Finally, the judges evaluated the overall performance of each candidate and selected the winners for “Best Teeth”, “Best Smile”, etc.

The winners received dental care gifts and shared their oral hygiene knowledge with their classmates. The students all learned a lot about how to properly take care of your teeth—you wouldn’t believe how much they managed to understand!

2013 美牙达人 201309-2

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