KidStrong丨2016 Givaudan Activity: Nutrition + Sport = Health


In 2016, the Givaudan KidStrong nutrition project has been upgraded to a health project. It includes two parts: nutrition and sports. In addition to providing high quality nutritious food to the students at Limin migrant school, the project introduced a fun football game called KT football to the school.


This year, the students at Limin migrant school began to receive yogurt products donated by Givaudan. The KidStrong program hoped these yogurt product would provide students with additional protein, and minerals such as calcium and phosphor, so that they could become healthier. On November 18, eight Givaudan volunteers visited Limin migrant school with expectations and introduced different types of dairy products and their nutrients to the students.

On December 16, seven volunteers from Givaudan visited the schools again and introduced the interesting KT football to the students. KT football is easy to organize since it doesn’t requires a large space. Actually, it is a small-scale football match invented by a formal women national football player Liu Lihao. The KT football court can be inflated within six minutes and placed upon the school playground or any other types of smooth ground. Students can play 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, or 3 vs. 3 matches on the KT football court.


In order to explain the rules of KT football, the Givaudan volunteers played the first match. Afterwards, students took part in groups of two students, either same sex or mixed team. As the games carried on, the students’ enthusiasm gradually heated up. When the recess bell rang, the students cheered from their classes to the field. The flame of passion lit up the cold winter campus.

As the referee blew the whistle, the games had to end for that day. Yet, hundreds of students at Limin migrant school have owned a KT football court since that day. It is great that they can enjoy football on campus.


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