Special Screening of Big Cats


On September 13, Shanghai Roots & Shoots teamed up with the British Consulate General in Shanghai and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, held the wildlife conservation movie screening “The Earth is Beautiful Because of You: Stop Consuming Their Lives” in Cinker Pictures, Taikoo Hui, Jing’an District.

Tony Clemson, Deputy Consul General of the United Kingdom in Shanghai, gave an opening speech on the event, emphasizing that the illegal wildlife trade poses a great threat to iconic wildlife species, and is the forth largest transnational crime, after drugs, weapons, and post-human trafficking. The deputy consul also also announced the international summit on illegal trade in wild animals held in London in October, as well as international workshops held by experts from China and the UK on issues such as species identification, legislation to strengthen wildlife conservation, and prevention of wildlife smuggling, in order to help local government solve the problem of illegal trade in wildlife.

The BBC documentary “Big Cat” displayed at the salon, showcased the life of more than 40 different large wild cats, enabling the audience to learn more about wild big cats. Today, the habitat of most wildlife is facing a massive loss and the crisis of illegal wildlife trade, and the ecological environment is in jeopardy. However, with the unremitting efforts of animal protectors, some wild animals has gradually recovered in their numbers.

In addition, a number of experts were invited to share the topic to enable the audience to learn more about wildlife and the ecological environment. Erica Qu, public affairs manager of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Feng Limin, associate professor of Ecology at Beijing Normal University, and Chen Hanlong, commissioner of the Million Tree Project, participated in the roundtable discussion.

Professor Feng and related experts have established the largest tiger leopard research in China. According to Professor Feng, wild cats can be easily tracked only when wearing electric collars. The research emulates the use of infrared cameras and other technologies in foreign research institutions. The overall number of wild cats in China and their habitats are gradually improving.

On behalf of Shanghai Roots & Shoots, Chen Hanlong introduced the recovery process of desertified land and its importance to wildlife, and shared his experiences as a wildlife protector, including observations on golden monkeys.

Erica Qu discussed the role of human beings in nature. By exemplifying the clearing project of the Northeast Tiger Conservation Base in Hunchun, she urged not to buy any wild animal products such as “tiger bone wine” to protect the unique wild animal species.

The event called on the public to stop the consumption of wild animals, whether through the emerging network channel, or through the traditional black market. The protection of wildlife is also to protect our own ecological environment. The earth is unable to remain beautiful without these animals.

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