KidStrong丨Cardinal Health brings Love Education to Migrant Children


On November 10th, 2016, a dozen of  volunteers from Cardinal Health China brought laughter and love to the students of Shouchun Migrant School, a KidStrong program partner school. This activity was the first one of a serial of Cardinal Health KidStrong activities at Shouchun School. The serial of Cardinal Health KidStrong activities aimed to help migrant students in the areas of hygiene, nutrition and psychology and be their wings for healthy growth. The first activity was about psychology.

20161110 康德乐活动 01

One of the volunteers wrote her thoughts as below:

The activity was to teach a lesson about love to five classes of fourth grade students. We encouraged students to reflect on the meanings of love through watching movie clips of ‘Charlotte’s Web’. The students were instantaneously attracted to the movie because it was a cartoon, and as the movie rolled on, their facial expressions and movements became more relaxed. Some students laid their heads on the desks, and some held their chins by their hands with eyes wide-opened; they engrossed in the movie. Sometimes, they laughed till they bent back and fro; sometimes, they were touched to tears. When the movie ended, we encouraged the students to share their thoughts freely. The students talked about what they learned from the little pig Wilbur and the spider Charlotte; they also freely discussed their understandings of love. In their unadorned yet sincere words, love was daily companionship, love was staying with family, and love was to sacrifice…

20161110 康德乐活动 02

On their way back, the Cardinal Health volunteers gathered around the photos taken by the photographer. Every face of the students was vivid with purity and excitement. Although the photos were motionless, the volunteers still could feel the students’ vitality, curiosity and passions toward life through their eyes. All the volunteers wish the students grow up healthily.

20161110 康德乐活动 03

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