KidStrong | Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Renai Hospital and Shanghai Roots & Shoots Partnership


KidStrong Program is one of Shanghai Roots & Shoots’ community care programs. It focuses on migrant students’ health issues in Shanghai. The program started in 2006 and Shanghai Renai Hospital International Department became a sponsor of KidStrong in 2009. In the past ten years, Renai has developed a solid partnership with Shanghai Roots & Shoots, extending continued support for KidStrong. Out of mutual trust and respect, the two organizations joined efforts in carrying out a series of successful projects with the goal of improving migrant children’s well-being in a meaningful way. Within the framework of KidStrong, Renai is responsible for personal hygiene education, ophthalmological & dental check-up and treatments. The partnership has borne fruit that benefits nearly ten thousand students in six migrant schools in Shanghai.

To commemorate the partnership valuable to both organizations, and to invite participation from the community, Renai celebrated the 10th anniversary of the partnership with Shanghai Roots & Shoots. Shanghai Roots & Shoots presented certificates of recognition to individuals and organizations who had made major contributions to KidStrong. Migrant school students who had benefited from KidStrong joined the guests at the event. We look forward to a more close collaboration between KidStrong and Renai and help more migrant children grow healthily.

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