KidStrong丨Dental and Vision Education by Sanofi Volunteers


Volunteers from Sanofi went to Lianying migrant school at Pudong district on November 28 and December 26, 2017. They taught dental hygiene classes and vision care classes respectively in the two afternoons.

Sanofi volunteers had well prepared PPTs for the dental hygiene and the vision care lessons and had practiced teaching the lessons before they went to Lianying Primary School each time so that the teaching was very successful. Some students were totally attracted by the volunteers’ interactive way of teaching and others even did not want to end the classes. After the classes, the students were more aware of the emphasis on dental and visual health.

From Grade 1 to Grade 5, the volunteers adopted different teaching methods and focused on various key-points on health according to students’ age and attention. For younger students, volunteers used videos and games to tell students the importance of brushing teeth and protecting eyes; they also used rhymes and gestures to teach proper way of brushing tooth and doing simple eye massage. For older students, the key points were tooth replacing, dental and vision hygienic habits, which were taught through case studies and drama.

Students actively participated in the classes. They not only received the knowledge taught by the volunteers but also popped good questions. Finally, they gathered around the volunteers and asked them: when will you come again?

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