German Chamber of Commerce Celebrates the Christmas 2017


On 7th December,  the Christmas chamber meeting was held by the German Chamber of Commerce at the Grand Hyatt, Jin Mao Tower.

9 NGOs from Shanghai and its neighbouring  cities, including Shanghai Roots & Shoots, Adream, Pfrang Association, Buy 42 and other 5 organizations were invited to introduce themselves at the Christam dinner. Shanghai Roots & Shoots showcased its household environment education and its Eco Office concepts to the representatives from dozones of German enterprises based in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

Besides, during the dinner, several guest speakers like Mr. Lothar Grad – Vice CEO of Alfmeier Asia, Mr. Tim Wenniges – Director of Konrad-Adenauer Foundation (Shanghai Office),  Priest Michael Bauer, and Priest Annette Mehlhorn delivered excellent speeches on the theme of COP23 and China-Germany friendship.

Throughout the whole dinner, a choir chanted wonderful Christmas carols for all the attendees.



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