In a presentation of Shanghai’s vivacious history began KidStrong Program’s 2019 summer camp, which lasted two days and one night and was joined by 14 students from KidStrong’s partner schools.

The first destination of the camp was ‘Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center.’ Over there, students learned the transformation Shanghai has gone through – from a fishing village to the metropolis today. This activity helped everyone develop a deeper understanding of this beautiful city that we live in.

With excitement, our students arrived at the ‘Jackie Chan Film Gallery’ and learned the legendary life of the KungFu Movie star.

The last destination of the first day was the ‘Little SOCIUM English Town,’ which through its unique ‘real-life’ interaction let students role-played in various occupations such as banker, judge, veterinarian, security guard, and police. This activity greatly motivated students to learn, as well as to acquire knowledge of different occupations.

On the last day, students visited the ‘Chang Xing Island Country Park’. After taking a “natural therapy” in the forest, they stepped into the 2050 Future Life Experience Hall. Over there, our students enjoyed the high-tech life of 2050 and after. The summer camp ended in a sensational movie about futuristic designs in a spherical theatre.

Continuing our collaboration with our partner schools in promoting health & nutritional education, the KidStrong summer camp prepared many different meals for the students, which include authentic Japanese meal-sets, Shanghainese breakfasts, Traditional rural cuisine, as well as Western pastries and snacks. Thus, our students not only visited interesting sites, but sampled a variety of cuisine.

The KidStrong summer camp leaves us great memories of our students’ joy and laughers. We launch and maintain this camp in order to broaden the horizon of these students and build their confidence. We hope that they can become more optimistic in life and work hard for a better future.

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