World Environment Day | Shanghai Roots & Shoots’ Mask Challenge


‘Air Pollution’ has been selected as the theme for this year’s World Environment Day, which occurs annually on June 5th.

In echo to this theme, Shanghai Roots & Shoots held a ‘Swift Challenge’ at the 1st floor of the ‘Hua Xin Hai Xin’ office building on the World Environment Day.

The event aims to raise contemplation and awareness regarding our current air quality, and how we are able to play a role in the society contributing to the mitigation of air pollution and Global Warming.

Through synergy with the talk show ‘Idol Please Reply’, the Shanghai Roots & Shoots initiated the ‘Mask Challenge’ which gathered a number of highly regarded and popular idols to join our team of ‘Charitable Partners’. In expressing their determination and involvement in the project, each Charitable Partner chose a green plant and masked it over its mouth – as expressions signifying their determination to be involved in air quality enhancement.

On the other hand, the ‘Swift Challenge’ held by Shanghai Roots & Shoots on the World Environment Day comprised of three sections, with the first being the ‘fitness challenge’. In this challenge, participants were required to undergo a series of fitness exercises (e.g. rope jumping, sit-ups, or mild boxing) in order to sense the importance of air quality in our everyday ‘challenges’. The next was the ‘air challenge’, which was a booth that offered real-time air quality measurements with the use of professional instrument and practices. This section intended the visitors to develop a grasp of the air quality that surrounds us.

The last section of the ‘Swift Challenge’ was the ‘photograph challenge’, whereby visitors took photographs with the posters and booths from Shanghai Roots & Shoots. This was an opportunity for visitors to express their statement in realizing and supporting individual’s responsibilities in achieving air quality enhancements.

The ‘Swift Challenge’ attracted a lot of visitors. Through completion of the challenges, numerous participants expressed that they now understand the responsibilities and methods that we can do to alleviate the problem of air pollution. We hope that this event acted as a reminder for bustle individuals – urging them to think about the responsibilities and acts that we can do to help ameliorate the air quality of our surroundings.

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