Youth Leadership Council | New Member Training 2019


Shanghai Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Council is the core force for planning various volunteering activities for Shanghai Roots & Shoots. In order to help new members integrate into the group, understand their basic responsibilities and adapt to the work mode of think tank more quickly, we held group training on May 25, 2019. 1.p.m. New members come from various parts of the society. With different interests but the same goal, brings fresh ideas to the Shanghai Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Council.

The training was organized by Xia Xiao, the School Coordinator of the Shanghai Roots & Shoots, and Megan, the Operations Director. First, a meeting was held to discuss the one-meter market and the exchanging affair in June. Process details and presentation. The discussion provided new members a big picture of Shanghai Roots & Shoots. During the discussion, new members gradually became more active in providing feasible solutions and ideas.

After the short meeting, the group training started with the icebreaking game help new members get to know each other better.

After the game, Xia Xiao gave an in-depth introduction to Shanghai Roots & Shoots, focusing on the three themes of Roots & Shoots: caring for the environment, caring for animals, and caring for the community.

Shanghai Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Council and the office have different jobs. Wei Zhang and Wei Ni introduced basic duties of the Youth Leadership Council including the excellent projects in the past few years, planning for the next year, and rules and regulations of Youth Leadership Council.  

In order help new members learn about Shanghai Roots & Shoots’ work mode, members Shuang Wu and Qing Jin shared their personal experiences, helping new members get the basic skills. Finally, the training ended successfully.

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