KidStrong Program | Parent-Child Reading Competition at Maqiao MIgrant School


On 7th June 2019, Maqiao Migrant School of Minhang District, in collaboration with the KidStrong program, held an exciting ‘Parent-Child Reading Competition’. Nineteen families participated as individual groups, and both the parents and the children prepared carefully for the event. Their performances demonstrated the great efforts they made in order to come up with vivid interpretations of their stories. These stories encompassed such topics as parent-child relationship, dental health, and events in their daily lives. The competition was designed to encourage parent-child reading and to help them acquire knowledge of physical health while engaging in fun activities.

The parents and the children told their stories in many different ways. Some groups, for example, had the children narrate while their parents perform a series of actions. Some other groups had parents and children both dressed in cute costumes, narrating and performing together. There were also groups that created mini-theatre performances by using cardboard and various props to create their own set-ups.

The competition went on for two hours. In the end, four judges awarded three outstanding families with certificates, and every group received prizes. From the participants’ smiles, we realized that they enjoyed the reading and the story-telling competition. This event not only enhanced parent-child relationships, but helped children realize the joy and satisfactions that reading brings. They are encouraged to actively maintain their health and spread these health-related messages among their friends. We look forward to hosting more events in the future with KidStrong’s partner schools!

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