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Shanghai Roots & Shoots launched the Community Garden Project to improve run-down communities and schools by building gardens to beautify the environment.

The project originally started as a joint effort between Shanghai Roots & Shoots and Shankungfu Volunteer Community which was led by Kungfu Restaurant Management Ltd. Shankungfu is an online volunteering platform for volunteer recruitment and charity promotion whereby non-profit organizations can communicate and interact with the public. Meanwhile, over 500 Kungfu restaurants advertise the volunteer recruitment information on restaurant bulletin walls.


Due to the difference in economic development in various parts of Shanghai and neighboring cities today there are many old communities with abandoned flower beds or neglected areas where we could use some work to improve the overall environment of the community. The Community Garden Project is what these communities need!

The project also serves migrant schools in Shanghai and surrounding cities. Migrant children whose parents work day and night in big cities and have no time to take care of them, often have to stay in school longer. Through the project, our volunteers will help these children build a school garden where they can spend time growing flowers, vegetables and herbs, enriching their school life in a meaningful way.

The project has already benefited 3 schools and 1 residential community in Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuhan. 173 volunteers, mostly university students and young professionals, participated in the project and contributed 898 hours to community service.

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