Recycling Program


Program Intro:

In collaboration with Pudong Environemtnal Protection Bureau, Shanghai Roots & Shoots launched a Recycling Campaign in Pudong in alignment with the municipal government’s policy to reduce waste. Shanghai Roots & Shoots organized recycling workshops and designed interesting curricula to involve hundreds of communities and schools in Pudong in the campaign.

社区讲解 by Nee (10)

Environmental Hero:

In 2012, Pudong EPB started an Environmental Hero competition to recognize individuals’ efforts to protect the environment. The ten finalists became Green Ambassadors to promote low-carbon lifestyle in the community.

Project Goal:

To promote a low-carbon lifestyle in schools and communities focusing on recycling and waste reduction.

Project Impact:

  • 3760 residents in 94 communities;
  • 1250 students in 25 schools;
  • 6 tours to recycling plants;

社区讲解 by Nee (20)

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