Summary Of The March Student’s Meeting, 2018


On March 30 2018, the Shanghai Roots & Shoots (SRS) students’ meeting was held and the SRS staff of each project introduced what had happened in 2017 and what’s new in 2018 to the Roots & Shoots group leaders present.

  • The YES program recruited volunteers working as “green tutors” at the beginning of the new semester.
  • Organic Garden volunteers will receive monthly training sessions on organic farming and are encouraged to share their experiences of working on organic farming via Weibo.

  • The KidStrong Program is now recruiting KT football volunteers from schools.

  • This year, Shanghai Roots & Shoots was about to start the thousand-tree challenges for schools again. April tree-planting trips were, as a part of the Million Tree Project, prepared and began their final countdown.

In 2018, Shanghai Roots & Shoots will restart the Recycling Project and spread the idea of “living in green” by holding activities like the community recycling day, community lectures, promotion parties and a low-carbon carnival. We will research in depth particular problems such as household garbage in schools and communities and help relieve the transportation and disposal pressure the garbage classification faces.

In the group sharing section, the newly registered group from Shanghai Southwest Weiyu High School International Division shared their poverty alleviation and education supporting project called the “Sunshine Program”. The members of the project have voluntarily supported education for years. They also invited children from Dabie Mountain to Shanghai summer camps.

Let’s recall this program through the group’s video.

Further, R&S group from Shanghai Foreign Language School introduced their newly-developed no-till farming methods: covering the soil with large amounts of straw, reducing tillage to an extend which can guarantee the germination of seeds, and using organic fertilizer to help crop grow. With the help of volunteer mentors, different kinds of crops are now growing in the farm, which is adored by students.

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There still remains much to be improved in our meetings. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please email us. In the end, we would like to express our gratitude towards everyone who came and every working staff who support us behind the scenes.

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