Summary of the September Students’ Meeting, 2018


The September students’ meeting of Shanghai Roots & Shoots (SRS) was successfully held. There were 45 members from 20 universities and high schools attending the meeting.

At the beginning of the new semester, directors from SRS introduced basic situations of each programs to the new team leaders:

  • The Youth for Environmental Sustainability program (YES) and Organic Garden program are recruiting volunteers. If you are available either on the morning or the afternoon of one day from Monday to Friday, you may become the YES mentor of a school and bring the students with lively courses of environmental education.
  • The Outdoor Nature Exploration program (ONE) has held 8 activities in the first half of this year, providing 12 courses of various themes, and involving 16 volunteers.

  • KidStrong program starts the recruitment as well. Volunteers are welcome to attend the activity, which aims to teach students from migrant elementary schools to protect their eyesight and dental health.

  • The Global Clean-up Campaign took place on September 15, 2018. From New Zealand to the US, 156 countries jointly launched a five-hour clean-up operation within 30 hours, completing the largest and the most involved garbage cleaning marathon in history, with a total of 17.2 million participants worldwide. On this special occasion, the founder of Roots & Shoots, Dr. Jane Goodall, rallied through video to join the ranks of Clean Earth.

  • Dragon Recycling, the brand new program of SRS in 2018, has launched its waste recycling activities in various communities successfully in Shanghai. We are looking forward to more volunteers joining us this year. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or launching recycling activity in your school, please contact us.

  • Since 2006, the Eco Office program has provided comprehensive environmental audit for enterprises. The program popularizes environmental-friendly working habits, and, more importantly, it helps the enterprise make practicable and efficient improvements. Volunteers are welcome to join and experience the Eco Office program.
  • The Million Tree Project has invited Ian Zhuang from Green Sapling to share his experience in his trip to Ningxia. As a student, he felt very honored to join the team to build straw barriers. The harsh natural environment made him realize that we should unite together in order to combat desertification.

  • On October 13-14, SRS will provide its annual leadership training at NYU Shanghai. The leadership training in 2018 will continue to gather tutors who devoted themselves to public service and outstanding young leaders, bringing the new youth from SRS with a different experience. The activity has invited elite tutors from various fields to bring about the trainings in the form of workshops. It looks forward to improving the participants’ ability comprehensively, so that they are able to carry out benevolent activities on or off campus in the future and accumulate certain experience before entering the society. Please follow the SRS wechat account for further information of registration.

  • On November 10, SRS will hold the 2018 Shanghai Roots & Shoots Festival. At the “Low Carbon Town” built up by SRS, you would demonstrate your group work, collect and recycle the garbage, and experience activities provided by enterprises. SRS will also issue the final list of outstanding teams, outstanding volunteers and excellent mentors. If you want to know whether you are selected in the list, join in interesting activities related to environmental protection, or meet Eco partners, just follow SRS and join the festival!



If you are a student on campus with passion and creativity, and if you are interested in our programs, feel free to join in the family of Roots & Shoots!

E-mail us for further information:

There still remains much to be improved in our meetings. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please email us. In the end, we would like to express our gratitude towards everyone who came and every working staff who support us behind the scenes.

For next meeting’s timetable, visit our home page and check your mail box.

See you again!


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