KidStrong | Sunny Dental Celebrates the National Love Your Teeth Day with KidStrong


2018, the 20th of September marks China’s 30th ‘National Dental Care Day’. This year’s theme is ‘Being healthy every day starts from oral care—having a healthy mouth and body to enjoy a healthy life’. The aim of this campaign is to improve oral health awareness and establish oral health behavior among the general public.

On September 19th, the KidStrong program staff and dentists and nurses from our corporate collaborator Sunny Dental celebrated the National Love Your Teeth Day with the second graders at Minhang Yumiao Migrant School. The dentists and the nurses taught the students the proper teeth-brushing techniques and fluoridized their teeth. This is the second year that these students received fluoridization.

After giving a belief introduction to tooth decay, the dentists and the nurses asked students to learn the correct way to brush teeth by following examples. Finally, the dentists and nurses fluoridized 164 students’ teeth.

We sincerely hope that the students can develop a good habit of brushing their teeth every morning and night, with a healthy bright smile.

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