YES | Recap of YES Mentor Workshop in Wuxi


Shanghai Roots & Shoots (SRS) performed a vivid and useful interactive YES Mentor Workshop at Jiangsu Mei Cun High School. 13 student representatives from the Four O’clock Club and the Green Point Club (both from Wuxi Jiangnan University), and from the Roots & Shoots Club of Mei Cun High School participated the one-day workshop.

SRS staff Rebecca was full of enthusiasm, guiding all trainees to know each other with an easy ice-breaker game. Two YES sample classes “Roots & Shoots Bag” and “Leaf Plaster” showed us how YES class could be performed. The class presentation was inspiring. The experience sharing focused on teaching techniques was extremely helpful and applicable when the participants went mentoring at schools and communities. Three grouped trainees prepared and presented one YES classes each in the afternoon. The comments and feedbacks from the trainers made participants more confident to carry out the YES program in the coming semester.

Students learned lots information and knowledge, practiced some communication and teaching skills, and got inspired by the end of the workshop. They got ready to be YES mentors!

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