YES丨Mentor Party 2017


The volunteers of the YES and OG programs gathered with their children for a lovely party on December 16, 2017. While it was chilly on that day, everyone had a great time thanks to Shanghai Roots & Shoots.

The party took place at Mr. Zhou’s Meiying Farm. Mr. Zhou shared quite a few stories with us, each unique and interesting in its own way.

The most fun part of the party was feeding the pigs using the turnips grown on the farm.

The children were supposed to pull two turnips out of the ground each to feed the pigs. However, they liked the pigs so much that they kept going back to the turnip patch for more pig feed. The kids looked all muddy and everyone had a good laugh.

After feeding the pigs, it was time for us all to have lunch. Mr. Zhou prepared delicious salads and we ate every bit of the food. The kids who usually prefer meat did not mind having a vegetarian meal at all.

We spent the afternoon making scarecrows.

Sasa, being extraordinarily artistic, made a scarecrow that looked like the cartoon hero Automan!

The kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing with sand, the swings and see-saws. They even teamed up to play ball games.

Everyone was savoring the happy time spent together on way back. We are grateful to Roots & Shoots for getting us all together and we all hope for the best for YES and OG programs.

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